Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment is an all natural solution used to improve some of the most difficult areas of the face that show aging. The under-eye area, often called “tear trough,” is a challenging area of thin skin to treat that requires an experienced injector. We utilize PRF treatments to brighten and smooth this sagging, under-eye hallowing that occurs with age. When injected as an under eye filler, PRF is an all natural way to improve under eye pigmentation & tone, it also enhances skin firmness, texture and thickness.

Platelet Rich Fibrin is the second generation to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and involves the use of your body’s own platelets. Your treatment begins with a blood draw, then it’s spun in a centrifuge to separate out the PRF. This Platelet Rich Fibrin contains very high concentrations of white blood cells, fibrin, and a small amount of stem cells found circulating in our bloodstreams. The platelets attach to the fibrin network and release growth factors responsible for creating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels. Once introduced back into the body, this cascade of healing and revitalization begins.

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Is PRF Safe?

Yes, PRF is completely safe. Your blood is withdrawn and then placed within a machine that rapidly spins the tubes to separate your red blood cells from your plasma. This is a highly personalized treatment plan that helps you avoid possible allergic reactions or infections.

Side Effects of PRF

There are very few side effects of PRF for tear troughs. You might notice slight bruising or swelling after the injections, but such irritation usually subsides within a day or two. On rare occasions, a lump can occur where the formula accumulates but light massaging quickly resolves the trouble spot.

How Does PRF Treatment for the Face Treat Under Eye Loose Skin and Dark Circles?

The skin under the eyes is one of the thinnest skin on our body. It can be one of the first areas that show signs of aging. PRF is one of the ideal treatments that improves this area and can be a better option than dermal fillers.

PRF facial rejuvenation can also enhance the results of fillers under the eyes. Injecting fillers under the eyes, like Volbella, can instantly improve the hollowness under the eyes and is a fabulous treatment to instantly rejuvenate this area. Injecting PRF in addition to the fillers can significantly enhance the results of the fillers by tightening the loose skin under the eyes and improving the dark circles. We prefer to start with PRF and then watch the results unfold prior to opting for additional treatments.

Should I get PRF?

If you are considering a PRF treatment for the face, you just need to get a consultation and we can give you all of the options available to address your complaint. If PRF is your best choice we will be happy to start your transformation.

How Long Does PRF Last?

PRF facial rejuvenation causes your own body to use its own regenerative cascade and what it makes is yours to keep! Unlike Dermal Fillers that dissolve over time, the collagen and plump that PRF brings stays as long as you take care of your skin- it will last a lifetime!