Who We Are

Star Rejuvenation & Wellness Center is a warm, welcoming, patient-centered MedSpa that provides aesthetic, wellness, and anti-aging treatments to women and men of all backgrounds in Addison, Texas. Guided by expert nurse practitioner Ideh MacDonald, FNP-C, Star Rejuvenation & Wellness Center is committed to providing intensive, caring, one-on-one treatments that respect and enhance the unique beauty of every client they serve. Our team aims to always make you shine like a star before you leave!

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What We're About

At Star Rejuvenation, our mission is to provide an oasis of innovation, ethical practices, and collaborative partnership approach within the realm of aesthetic medicine. We are committed to fostering a safe family style environment where trust is paramount and education is continuous. Our devotion to the science behind our services ensures that every treatment is not just a procedure, but a step towards achieving personal beauty goals with the utmost care and precision. We celebrate natural beauty by personalizing each experience, ensuring that our clients' unique aspirations are met with the highest-rated and self-evaluated products in the industry. By prioritizing customer success over quantity and media hype, we concentrate on the individual journey to radiance and self-confidence. Our medical spa is a destination where clients can discover the best providers—experts selected for their skill and dedication to delivering transformative results. Here, innovation meets personalization, science meets beauty, and every client's success through gathering real feedback is our truest measure of achievement.

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