Masseter Reduction

Botox is also used for the reduction of facial width by treating the masseter muscles. Using Botox in the masseter muscle has become popular among patients who wish to soften the jawline and narrow the lower third of the face.

The Treatment

For the masseter reduction treatment, we are treating just one of the three muscles of the mastication, also known as the chewing muscles. The masseter muscle is a playing-card-sized muscle that spans the space between the cheekbone and jawbone and provides facial width when it is thickened. Once the botox is injected into the masseter muscle and it has taken its full effect patients should notice a softer and narrower jawline.

Other Benefits

Masseter reduction will also help treat symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. You may benefit most from this treatment if other methods haven’t worked. Botox may help treat the following TMJ disorder symptoms:

  • jaw tension
  • headaches due to teeth grinding
  • lockjaw in cases of severe stress