PRF Hair Stimulation

For many individuals, the hair at the top of the head starts thinning and can even recede as they age. Hair plays a big role in facial attractiveness and framing the face. Hair thinning and loss can be a big hit to one's confidence and cause stress. PRF Hair Stimulation is an advanced treatment that aims to alleviate these concerns by addressing hair loss and promoting new growth.

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What is PRF?

PRF is a concentrated substance derived from a patient’s own blood that contains a high concentration of platelets, growth factors, and other bioactive proteins. In hair regeneration treatment, PRF is utilized to stimulate hair follicles, promote natural hair growth, and improve the overall health of the hair. The platelets within PRF are rich in growth factors that play a crucial role in tissue regeneration and the natural healing process.

How is PRF Hair Stimulation performed?

The PRF treatment for hair loss procedure begins with a simple blood draw from the patient, similar to a routine blood test. The collected blood is then processed using a centrifugation process to separate the different components. Through this process, the platelets and cell growth factors are concentrated into a fibrin matrix, creating PRF.

Once the PRF is prepared, it is carefully injected into the scalp in areas of concern, such as areas experiencing hair loss or thinning. The injections are typically performed using fine needles, and local anesthesia may be used to minimize discomfort. The PRF is strategically administered to target the hair follicles and stimulate their activity, promoting natural hair growth and healthier hair.