Bethany A. Avatar
Bethany A.
9/05/2023 - Google
Love love love IDEH my lips are beautifulllll I completely trust all of her recommendations she is a real artist. Go here!!! You won’t regret it
Mariah J. Avatar
Mariah J.
9/05/2023 - Google
I had a lovely Diamond Glow facial with the tech named Bri! The facility is super clean and modern. The staff is so friendly and helpful too! I’m interested in coming back for other services and will do so very soon. Thanks guys! 😸
Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
8/08/2023 - Google
I was lucky enough to see Ideh with Star Rejuvenation for my first cosmetic injection spot, and will forever be my go to spot moving forward. The care and time that was taken to listen to my needs and concerns with my needs due to a previous scar were thoughtfully taken into consideration. I felt heard and understood during the entire process which left me with an overall result that was beyond expectations and took a scar that has always haunted and make it disappear. Forever grateful for this first time experience and a forever customer.
Shannon G. Avatar
Shannon G.
7/25/2023 - Google
I had a great experience at this med spa. They’re very warm and welcoming. The space is clean. And, they know what they’re doing. 👏👏
Allison H. Avatar
Allison H.
7/25/2023 - Google
My lips have never looked better! Thank you Star Rejuvenation 👄
Paige T. Avatar
Paige T.
7/10/2023 - Google
Ideh is a gift from the beauty Gods! Best experience! She’s done wonders for my confidence and I’d never go anywhere else!!!
Iliana B. Avatar
Iliana B.
7/03/2023 - Google
Love that Ideh takes her time to assess and make best recommendations based on the individual needs.
Sally E. Avatar
Sally E.
6/19/2023 - Google
Ideh, the owner is amazing. Not only she is so caring but also she constantly takes classes and learns about all the new techniques. This business is so saturated and they are so many centers out there, so it is so important to pick a place that they actually treat every single patient differently based off of their needs. She books you for a consultation and she makes sure to tell you about her treatment plans so you won’t be surprised. As a healthcare provider I am so sensitive when it comes to hair and face! But since I know she’s such a caring/detail oriented person herself, I honestly don’t worry about the results. Ladies if you want your face to look so young and natural Star rejuvenation is the place to go!
Ginny G. Avatar
Ginny G.
6/06/2023 - Google
I am new to Texas an Star Rejuvenation was referred to me. I am very happy with the service.
Kovan A. Avatar
Kovan A.
5/08/2023 - Google
She’s amazing highly recommended 👍
Aaysa F. Avatar
Aaysa F.
4/29/2023 - Google
Love it here! She does exactly what I want but also what I need. Very professional and so sweet!
Whitney M. Avatar
Whitney M.
4/29/2023 - Google
Ideh is wonderful! I can’t recommend her enough - she is a perfectionist, and why would you want anything else?! It’s very clear she takes pride in her work, and not to mention, she’s the sweetest!! I have loved my results each and every time!
Kyle K. Avatar
Kyle K.
4/22/2023 - Google
Ideh is a miracle worker!!! I started going to her while I was single....After a glow up from her services, I met my soulmate, who as fate would have it is a client of hers as well! A one stop shop for all Dallas area singles looking to have their life changed!
Megan D. Avatar
Megan D.
4/14/2023 - Google
Ideh is the absolute best! Her expertise and passion for perfection, plus her honesty, are the reasons I only trust her with my face and will travel to see her!
Katie H. Avatar
Katie H.
3/15/2023 - Google
I’ve used Ideh for my Botox and fillers. She does an amazing job, and the results are always extremely natural! I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!
Tania B. Avatar
Tania B.
2/15/2023 - Google
Ideh does all my Botox bc you will not get a more thorough practitioner than her. I am extremely pleased with the work of Ideh! She is extremely talented and meticulous. I had a deep crease from all my studying and reading and she was able to smooth it out, along with my forehead and under the eyes - I did not even bruise. Ideh takes her time and treats her work like the art it is - she subtly softens all the right places. Give it a few weeks to see where it lands and she will see you again to make sure her vision of your best life was accomplished. I cannot recommend these ladies more highly. Sometimes you go to an office and you’re not sure who will be administering your Botox - I’ve had doctors, physician assistants and nurses. I truly believe this work is an ART and results depend on the eye/knowledge about the drug the person administering the enhancer has - Ideh has both and is so passionate about making sure you’re living your best life! Thank you!
Princess R. Avatar
Princess R.
1/27/2023 - Google
Had a amazing first appointment here and absolutely adored Ideh! She was very warm and welcoming and also very detail oriented. Will definitely be coming back! If you were looking for a new injector, she’s your girl!
Andrea T. Avatar
Andrea T.
1/27/2023 - Google
Ideh was amazing, attentive and took her time explaining suggested treatments and the treatments that I was coming in for. Also answered all of the questions I had and was extremely personable. Had my routine Botox taken care of… looking forward to the next week or two for it to kick in. Also received juvederm filler for a slight chin enhancement and the results are AMAZING! I’m extremely happy with the service and Ideh’s professionalism! Thanks Ideh!
Yulia S. Avatar
Yulia S.
12/14/2022 - Google
Absolutely love Idea work! I was looking for professional lip injector for a long time and other people work that I have seen on social media or websites did not stand up to me at all. I wanted to do my lips for a long time, but was scared, wanted them to look very natural and sexy at the same time. When I found Idea on instagram I fell in love with her work right away and went to her. Absolutely love the results and they last a long time. Highly recommend her and her wellness center is really cute and clean!!!! When I’m ready for Botox , only her too ❤️!
sodak7534 Avatar
12/14/2022 - Google
Very professional, friendly and reasonably priced.