Botox for the Trap Muscles

Trap Tox, also known as "Barbie Tox", is an effective way at slimming the muscles near the neck and shoulder area in order to provide a more feminine appearance. Botox is an injectable to works to inhibit muscle expression and can be used on parts of the body that aren't just the face.

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Why get Trap Tox done?

Throughout a busy work day, many of us find our shoulders hunched up and rounded. Without realizing, we've formed bad posture at the end of the day. Additionally, many are on computer screens and phone screens with our heads face downwards. As a result, the trapezius muscles become over-activated.

Trap tox aims to relax those muscles from becoming so dominant in your everyday life. And throughout multiple treatments, the muscles will weaken and shrink, resulting in a more slimmer and feminine appearance around the neck and shoulder region.