A Highly Specialized Facial

Simulate skin restoration with both the benefits of microneedling and PRP for the ultimate way to regrow and repair skin.

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What is Vampire Facial ®?

A vampire facial is a combination of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Microneedling uses short, fine needles to puncture the skin. These needles range in size from .5 to 2.5 millimeters. Rest assured, the needles feel like tiny pinpricks and only go skin-deep. The pricks are used to “injure” the skin, prompting your skin to heal itself by producing elastin and collagen, and allowing the PRP to penetrate deeper.

Once the microneedling is completed, PRP is applied to your skin topically. PRP is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein produced from blood. PRP has a large concentration of growth factors, helping tissue to heal and repair, treating all types of skin issues.

Who benefits from a Vampire Facial ®?

Those who happen to have these issues:

  • Dull grey skin due lack of blood flow.
  • Fine vertical lines around the mouth
  • Rougher skin texture that's no longer smooth
  • Acne scars and other hyperpigmentation issues